What is the best Protein Shake

There is not 1 answer to this questions. If you were to ask someone what car they like best, most people will have different opinions as to which is the best. Each car is built to fit a different need and use? Looking for a car for a family of 6, you really won’t be considering a small sports car. Single and ready to mingle, a minivan would not really be ideal. Just like protein shakes, It really all comes down to a persons specific goals and needs. So what is the best protein shake option?

Protein shake Powder Supplements are available in many forms

Protein is a key factor to helping you with Fat Loss,  Visit any nutrition supplement shop, you will find there are a number of protein options. The most common are Whey, Casein, Protein Isolate, Soy, Egg White, Soy, and Blends. But which one should you get?

Whey Protein

Whey is a rich source of BCAA’s(Branch Chained Amino Acids). BCAA are necessary for muscle growth and even provide some energy during a workout. What sets whey apart from other types of proteins is it’s incredibly fast absorption/digestion rate. Making whey protien the clear winner when it comes to pre and post workout supplements.


Casein is another great source of BCAA’s but is very slow to digest. Casein protein is not ideal when you are looking for a quick absorption.

Protein Isolate

Protein Isolate comes from the same source as Whey protein, but contains a higher percentage of protein and is lower in fat and lactose. This is a better protein, but also more expensive.

Egg White Protein

In the past, Egg white protein was regarded as the premier protein supplement, however, today Whey Protein has taken over the throne as king of Protein Supplements. Nutritionally speaking, both offer roughly the same amount of nutrients per serving. If you are suffering from egg allergies or are lactose intolerant, Egg white protein will be your best choice for a protein powder supplement

Soy Protein

For Vegetarians, Soy Protein has been regarded as the best choice for Protein Supplementation. However, many studies show that Soy Protein is not nutritionally beneficial as believed. It would be ill advised to use Soy Protein as a primary source of protein.


Which to option is best?

Each Protein supplement has its pros and cons! All type contains the nutrition that you need, but depending on your needs can vary which is the best protein shake source?

In General, you may follow these rules of thumb for protein use :

Whey – When fast absorption is required.Best, for pre-workout or immediately after a workout.

Casein Whey – Best when Slow absorption. Casein can release for 4-8 hours. So this would be typically reserved for before bed to get the best benefit bang for your buck.

Egg White Protein Powder – Similar to Whey, Egg White protein is a relatively fast absorbing protein. The ideal choice for those lactose intolerant or who suffer from egg allergies.

Soy – No recommended as a primary protein source. Compared to Whey, or egg, Soy has a significantly lower absorption rate. If you consumed 20 grams of whey or egg protein, you would need about 40 grams of soy to absorb the same amount of protein.


4 Best time to take a Protein Shake supplement–

  • Wake up – When you wake up your body has been without food or nutrition for 6-10 hours since your last meal.
  • Before bed – Before bed is an opportunity to refuel the body prior to a long state of fasting.
  • Pre-workout – If you have not eaten a meal, it can be helpful to have a protein supplement before your workout to give your body the necessary energy and fuel.
  • Post workout – After a hard workout your muscles are depleted and need quick nutrition to promote recovery and growth.


On Average, most people do not consume enough protein. Protein is an essential supplement to help you recover and rebuild after a hard Hiit Workout.