Top 5 Dieting Nutrition Mistakes preventing fat loss

Summer is coming and its time to shed the extra body fat.  Most people struggle with dieting and make common mistakes that prevent them from losing weight. These are Top 5 Dieting Nutrition Mistakes preventing fat loss…

  1. Restricting too Many Calories

    While it may be true that you need to create a deficit to lose weight , restricting too many calories will create havoc in your body. I work with many women who believe they need to limit calories to 1200. 1200 calories was meant for a MINIMUM number of calories required to keep someone alive, not thrive. One of two things typically happens with my clients. First, muscle is shed from the body as it takes more calories/energy to sustain. That transfers as weight loss on the scale, but with a slower metabolism it is even Harder to shed the fat. Very Low-Calorie diets(VLC) often work for a very short term, but they are generally not a good idea.  However, there will be a point where weight loss will stop and weight gain is even possible on a VLC diet.

    For optimal results, a moderate reduction of calories will maintain health and allow for balanced and active lifestyle.

  2. Going out to eat – Skip the Salad

    “I’ll just have a salad.” Having more vegetables are an important way to get more vitamins, minerals, and fiber into a balanced nutrition and diet plan. Unfortunately, when eating out, salads are usually the worst option to choose. Salads are often packed with bacon, cheese, loads of creamy dressing a salads can often exceep 1,000 calories.

    If you are eating out, there are many better choices to consider than a salad. Chain restaurants are required to provide a calorie and fat labeling for every meal on the menu. This is a helpful tool when considering which meal to order.

  3. Liquid Calories = Increased Fat

    It is very important to Increase water intake! Water is responsible for aiding every process in the body, even burning fat. Along with more water you need to cut out the alcohol and drinks with sugar. Sugar kills fat loss results, and Americans eat more sugar than any other country. Hidden in most foods we eat, sugar is found largely in soda and juices. An average person will consume about half a pound of sugar per day.

    With 9 calories per gram, skip the alcohol. Also, consider how much sugar and juice to it to make it taste good.. If you want fast results, you have got to cut the drinks out.


  1. Cutting Too Many Carbohydrates out of the diet

    While it is true that you need to understand what your carbs are and how many are being consume, cutting carbs out entirely will sabotage any fat loss efforts! Carbohydrates are an important element for the body to function properly. Without carbohydrates one may experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, low energy or fatigue, just to name a few.

  1. Not Exercising or Not choosing a challenging workout plan

    The last Dieting Nutrition Mistakes preventing fat loss is skipping the exercise. Eating well doesn’t mean its okay to sit around. For most American, sitting/laying takes up 90% of the day. How much time does someone spend sleeping, driving, sitting at work, using a computer, watching netflix. How much time is actually spent on our feet moving around and exercising?

    A calorie Deficit is required to lose weight and reduce bodyfat. Simply relying on diet alone makes it close to impossible. Adding a training program that pushes the body will not only burn calories, but will increase metabolism and burn calories. For someone looking to maximize results without spending hours in the gym, HIIT training a great way to start? HIIT, is short for High Intensity Interval Training. Think of putting your weight training and cardio together in a fast, fun express workout that helps your body move Better all day!

Hiitz Fitness provide professional nutritional coaching and personal training and bootcamp workouts to help you lose weight and transform your body! If you are in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster, Garden Grove and surround cities in Orange County come check us out for a FREE HIIT workout.

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These are Top 5 Dieting Nutrition Mistakes preventing fat loss