Get fit faster with less time – How Hiit workouts can change your life and help you lose weight!

Hiit workouts are very popular, largely due to the many benefits they provide. There are many fitness benefits for why someone would incorporate a Hiit workout into their fitness program. Here are 5 of the Top Benefits…


  1. Hiit Workouts – Saves time

If you ask, most people would tell you they want to lose weight or get in shape. Time is usually the most common excuse for why someone can not workout. Do you have 2 or more hours at the gym to complete an effective full body workout routine? For most, HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) allow one to accomplish a high volume of work within a shorter period of time.  Compared with a low-intensity workout with long duration, a busy athlete utilizing Hiit workout methods can reap the same if not greater in a significantly shorter time.  Workouts do not have to be long to be beneficial. Workouts can be as short as 20 mins while still having significant health and fitness benefits.


  1. Lose Fat and Build Muscle while shedding weight.

Athletes aiming to build or retain muscle while maximizing fat loss  workouts can greatly benefit by integrating Hit Training within their fitness program. Traditional steady state or endurance workout (jogging, running, cycling, and spin class) build muscle endurance and improve aerobic fitness, however can lead to the breakdown of muscle as a source of energy.


  1. Boost your calorie burning for Hours after your workout

Hiit workouts burn more calories than traditional workouts in addition to increasing metabolic rates for up to 24 hours.  High Intensity Interval Training can provide a greater EPOC than running at a steady state/speed.


  1. Boost Your Metabolism

HIIT workouts create a greater demand for oxygen consumption therefore increasing the amount of calories used during and more importantly your body continues to burn calories at a higher rate for hours after workout is complete. Afterall, who doesn’t want to burn more calories?


  1. Increase your fitness, stamina and Endurance

If your goal is to increase your endurance using short burst of intense efforts can actually increase your Endurance when using in conjunction with traditional workouts.  Combining strength days with cardio Days, reducing your rest periods, and use compound exercises vs. isolation movements.

If one of your goals is to preserve muscle while improving aerobic function and endurance, it would be beneficial to include HIIT training with your running or cycling regiment. For a runner, it could be as simple as adding more fartlek intervals within your workouts.


Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or an competitive athlete. There is a place and time for including Hiit workouts into your routine. Have fun, work hard, and strive to be your best!