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Hiitz Fitness, Huntington Beach Boot Camp, is unlike any other gym. Hiitz Fitness was built upon a VISION of making Personal Training affordable. That means you as an participant, will get individual hands on adjustments to ensure proper form and technique.

Traditionally personal Training is expensive and reserved for few. We want to change that and make having a personal trainer accessible to everyone!

Hiitz Fitness offers a intimate environment for our Students. 10 students to 1 Personal Trainer in each class. This allows hands on adjustments and corrections to ensure each student is improving and performing each exercises correctly and safely. From a business and perspective, its much more cost effective to have 1 trainer for 30 people than it is for 10. Although it may not be the most cost effective, it is the BEST for students.

Often at other Huntington Beach Boot Camp you will find a single Personal Trainer trying to lead a group of 30-50 students. Often times, they are simply there for motivation and encouragement. However, for a new student who are looking for actual coaching, it is just simple impossible to effectively coach that many people.

Come to Hiitz Fitness for the best Huntington Beach Boot Camp! Dont just take our word for it check out our 5 star Yelp Reviews.

Huntington Beach Personal Trainer
  • Science Based, Interval Workouts

  • Burn 400 + Calories / Hour

  • Burn Calories 24-48 Hours After Workout

  • Motivating, Challenging Workout

  • Experienced Trainers Push you to your Limits

  • Convenient Class Times

  • Intimate Class Size

Heart-Rate Zone Fitness for Your Best You 

Join us at HIITz Fitness for energy, health and performance. HIITz Fitness gives you lean-muscle sculpting, high fat-burning workouts for maximum impact from your fitness routine. 
Our high-energy, intense, group training with TRX, kettlebells, BOSU Balls, and music on loud will keep you challenged, motivated, and reaching your most inspired fitness and body-shaping goals. 
At HIITz  Fitness, we are now using HIITz Metrix heart-rate bands so you can measure your fitness achievements and launch forward into the next level of your fitness training.
HIITz stands for High Intensity Interval Training Zones. Our certified personal trainers deliver customized workouts, adjustable to your specific needs, in each class while incorporating cutting-edge technology that measures and records your heart-rate zones as you work out. 
Now you can use your online personal data recorded during workouts to track your own results. You compete with your prior best so that you can do the most you can do, tailored to you.  
Here’s what you get from our HIITz Fitness training programs: 
  • Strength-based, low-impact, functional training so you build and sculpt muscle while taking care of your joints and body in general  
  • Heart-rate zone training for optimum cardiovascular fitness, maximum strength, and increased calorie burn that is sustained long after workouts are over 
  • Accurate gauge of your efforts in your own workouts that you can now measure 
  • Performance-based results that you can track online and that are not compared to others 

Hittz Fitness

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