Hiitz Fitness Training

We focus only on helping you achieve the fastest results, PERIOD!

Looking to develop a lifestyle that promotes fitness, health, and well-being? Take a step in the right direction by hiring your own personal trainer.

Personal training at Hiitz Fitness is a red carpet experience. You will be met with Certified, Experienced world class trainer with the gym all to yourself. Your trainer has all the newest fitness devices, TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP Trainer, kettlebells, BOSU, and more.

Your trainer will asses your current level, plan your Best training methods according to your goals, and motivate and guide you to achieving success. Since we know nutrition plays a major part in your fitness and weight loss success you may expect your trainer to customize an eating plan for you designed to teach you how to eat so you never have to diet again.


Unlike any other corporate or big box gym, training at Hiitz Fitness means: 

NO distractions
NO Waiting for equipment
NO additional Membership fees

woman excited and jumping
woman excited and jumping